Papa K's Pitta Chips:

Papa K's new Lightly Sea Salted Pitta Chips and Peri Peri Pitta Chips.

Bursting with natural flavour and wholesome goodness and with less than half the calories of most other snacks, these pitta chips make a winning, deliciously satisfying healthier crunchy and moreish snack for everyone

Papa K's Golden Baked Pitta ChipsPapa K's Peri Peri Pitta Chips

Mama K Foods is delighted to announce its new range of oven baked Papa K’s Pitta Chips in response to the surge in demand for healthier Low Calorie VEGAN snacks.

Inspired by the culinary riches of the Mediterranean- long famed for its healthy diet, and nostalgic for his mother’s cooking, Papa K has recreated this enduring, authentic pitta snack using age-old traditional cooking methods. Papa K’s Pitta Chips use only real freshly baked pittas that are then lightly oiled and seasoned and then baked again until gloriously crisp and golden.

Double baked for an irresistible, moreish crunch and bursting with natural flavour, they make a healthier versatile and satisfying snack for all the family, either eaten on their own or partnered with dips or other pairings. Low in calories but high in fibre and with 100% natural ingredients, they can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet. 

FREE of artificial flavourings, colourings, MSG or preservatives, Papa K’s Pitta Chips are perfectly suited for plant-based and vegan diets.

Papa K’s Pitta Chips are currently available in Lightly Sea Salted and Spicy Peri-Peri flavours and come packed in 40gm Grab and Go bags. They are packed in a protective atmosphere to ensure freshness over a long shelf life of six months.

“ I have created these delicious pitta chips using my mothers authentic recipe. Enjoy!”