Mama K's Special Deli Products:

Mama K Deli Products

Mama K’s SPECIAL DELI products are produced to our specially created proven authentic taste recipes and packed using state of the art packaging equipment and techniques in order to maintain freshness.

These foods originate from the Middle East and the Mediterranean where they form part of their staple diet, who according to the health and nutrition experts have one of the best and healthiest diets in the world.

We maintain a healthy eating and fine tasting food policy, which is why we supply products containing the finest quality ingredients and freshest produce.

Our Mama K salad and dips range caters to all types of consumer dietary requirements; such as vegetarian, gluten free and vegan diets, with a core focus on reducing the overall salt and fat content but with no sacrifice to taste.

Papa K's new Wholemeal Pitta Chips are the perfect accompaniment for Mama K's Special Deli products!